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DeepBrain Chain Review & Analysis

Looking to bring artificial intelligence worldwide in a cheap, decentralized manner. DeepBrain Chain is a group of PhDs’ based out of China focusing on being the worldwide leader in artificial intelligence platforms and they believe the blockchain can help them accomplish their goal.

DeepBrain Chain Review & Analysis December 11, 2017Leave a comment


Looking to bring artificial intelligence worldwide in a cheap, decentralized manner. DeepBrain Chain is a group of PhDs’ based out of China focusing on being the worldwide leader in artificial intelligence platforms and they believe the blockchain can help them accomplish their goal.

One of the first ICO’s to debut on the NEO platform, many are excited about the potential DeepBrain Chain can have on blockchain based AI platforms and the ability to power multiple AI driven applications.

By utilizing DeepBrain chains platform, enterprises will have the ability to reduce 70% of the hardware costs that come with building their own AI platform. With cheaper front end and back end costs, enterprise can focus on building on top of DeepBrain’s platform who will incentive not only miners but users who help secure the platform.

With an ICO coming out later this December .9 billion DBC tokens are available in their coin offering while the rest will be reserved for the foundation or future mining operations. There will be 10 billion tokens in total. The future is bright for DeepBrain chain, but as a relatively new company there is still plenty of work ahead for a complicated and ever evolving solution.

What is DeepBrain Chain?

DeepBrain Chain is the company behind the DeepBrain Chain coin(DBC). Started in May of 2017, they area leading cloud brain artificial intelligence operating system group set up to focus on the latest in research and development. After willing 32 million of CNY later in 2017 as well as attacking more than 1000 skills on their platform prototype they are ready to launch their genesis block in early 2018.

Current AI platforms come up short in a variety of ways. First there is no way for AI to communicate data to each other and coordinate processing. Second, there is no way to find local AI services. Third, there are very expensive to use and even fewer who can build these applications even with the funds. DeepBrain Chain looks to solve all those problems by providing AI solutions cheaply in a global open sourced marketplace.

Problem & Solution

Artificial intelligence platforms typical require tons and tons of data and hardware costs. Not only are the barriers to entry difficult, the latest in applications and methods aren’t shared to improve transparency and results for the end users.

By launching a platform on top of the NEO blockchain, DBC will be able to use NEO’s decentralized turning complete virtual machine to run all the smart contracts necessary to support their global artificial intelligence marketplace. In the future, DeepBrain Invasions a data trading platform, an AI algorithm trading platform, an AI model trading platform, and an application trading platform.

Token Economics:

  • Token Names: DBC Tokens
  • Tokens Available: 10 Billion
  • Tokens Available in Presale: 9 Billion DBC
  • Max Funds Received: 10,000 ETH and 140,000 NEO
  • ERC20 token: No
  • Crowdsale date: December 12th


Feng He CEO

CEO of DeepBrain Chain

was once enrolled Ph.D. in East China Normal University and Ph.D. in Chinese Academy of Sciences Artificial intelligence expert, is honored a title of innovation character of Shanghai computer industry, research on bitcoin and blockchain technology since 2014.

Proficient in product design and machine learning algorithms. The inventor of intelligent semantic error correction engine for game translation. The first batch of entrepreneurs in the field of artificial intelligence in China. He had presided over the research and development of the first Chinese voice assistant smart 360, whose registered users exceeded 17 million. Presiding over the development of the world’s first artificial intelligence sound box Small Zhi (half a year earlier than Amazon Echo), and the development of the country’s first cloud of the brain system—DeepBrain. He led the DeepBrain Chain team to win the innovation and creativity award in 2017 ZhongGuanCun Second Blockchain Competition.

Chang Shu

CTO Ph.D. in artificial intelligence at University of Nottingham,

Master Degrees in Artificial Intelligence, University of Bristol; Double Bachelor in Beihang University and Astronautics and University of Hull

He served as a visiting researcher at National Institute of informatics in Japan, during the period, following Nigel Collier, Professor of the University of Cambridge in Computational Linguistics and Big Data Analysis, published several academic papers.

He is also an artificial intelligence, block chain and cryptography expert, director of artificial intelligence laboratory of Shanghai branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute and the Semantic Intelligence, and one member of Youth Work Committee of Chinese Information Society of China. He led the AI team to win the first prize in the business community of SMP2017 Chinese man-machine dialogue evaluation of the Harbin Institute of Technology AI evaluation, and more than 30 domestic top artificial intelligence teams participated in the competition. He published many papers in COLING, IJAI and other top international conferences and magazine journals, and in the country has a number of artificial intelligence related patents.

Chuanfeng Lee

CMO, Master Degrees in Architectural Research Institute of MCC Group

Director of China Audio Association, Founding member of Advanced Audio and Video Industry Association of Pudong New Area, founding director of Intelligent Workshop.

The first batch of entrepreneurs in the field of artificial intelligence in China, Bitcoin and block chain research in 2015.  Individually invest in multiple block chain projects, gaining tens of times revenue.

On behalf of the company, he won the first prize of Innovation China (Shanghai Division) in 2012, He led the market team to achieve more than 17 million registered users for the first Chinese voice assistant smart 360 and is the columnist of a number of technical media in China, publishes a lot of articles on the development of artificial intelligence products and block chain industry analysis.

Roadmap (Business & Technical)

Q2 2017

Started a project which researched cloud brain artificial intelligence operating system by blockchain technology Set up blockchain laboratory, based on blockchain application architecture research and development, DeepBrain skills platform has more than 1000 skills. It is the first manufacturer of artificial intelligence skills platform in China

Q3 2017

32 million CNY of angel investment of Jinsha River Investment, Gobi Investment, and Chance Investment

Q4 2017

  1. Complete Pre Token Sale Roadmap
  2. Token Sale and complete Token Sale recruitment
  3. DeepBrain set up a joint laboratory with Shanghai branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences
  4. On October was invited to participate in the “First Global Financial Technology and Block Chain China Summit 2017″
  5. The first phase of the DeepBrain Chain is completed based on the NEO contract, and the tokens are issued
  6. Support to charge and withdraw coins, DBC assets to be launched on the third party exchange
  7. The second phase of the R & D of the associated artificial intelligence operating system module combined with the block chain application is completed
  8. Project quarterly key information disclosure
  9. DeepBrain Chain promotion and vendor access

Q1 2018

  1. DeepBrain Chain team annual summary conference
  2. DeepBrain skills store supports DBC purchasing skills and services
  3. DeepBrain Chain promotion and vendor access
  4. The third phase of the R & D of the associated artificial intelligence operating system module combined with the blockchain application is completed
  5. DeepBrain Chain platform is officially on the chain, with all open source codes, and the mining software is released

Q2 2018

  1. Building blockchain technology research laboratory jointly with international first class universities
  2. DeepBrain Chain innovation application competition is expected to launch
  3. Project quarterly key information disclosure
  4. DeepBrain Chain promotion and vendor access
  5. Help access to artificial intelligence business global Token Sale of DeepBrain Chain


  • DBC is looking to solve a very large problem. With the AI Economy reaching $22.4 billion in 2016 including over 5000 new AI startups on the scene, the market is estimated to explode to trillions of dollars by 2020. Not only is the opportunity large, the ability for a company such as DeepBrain chain to monetize in multiple areas is very evident. Not only is the structure of DeepBrain Chain looking to be profitable for miners they want to bring all the AI model application developers onto their platform which will provide revenue streams from application and AI algorithm trading. Because of this large value proposition there are many ways for DeepBrain to become profitable.
  • Although they are conducting an ICO, the Token Allocation set up for DBC tokens is one based on rewarded those who mine and secure the platform. Specifically, half of the 10 billion tokens in existence will only be available via mining production. Not only is it only available for mining but the amount is reduced every five years in a half. This helps bring developers and enterprises to the ecosystem it helps bring financial stability due to the lack of DBC tokens available on the market. This should help rapidly increase the income of token holders and token sellers.
  • Highly competent and successful team that has already secured $32 million in CNY from angel investment firms Jinsha River, Gobi and Chance Investment as well as proven it can build an AI based platform. Lots of teams may claim they have the expertise and knowledge to building working AI products but the team behind DeepBrain Chain has been working in the AI world for over 10 years. Not only are they well-funded and full of talent, they have a first movers advantage as they successfully released the first AI skills platform in China that currently is able to provide over 100 AI based skills for a variety of enterprise and user needs.


  • It is no secret that blockchain technology is still in its early days. With platforms such as Ethereum and Bitcoin having constant network congestion due to user growth, it might take years before a proper scaling solution is found. When it comes to underline protocol, DeepBrain chain has chosen to settle on the NEO blockchain. And while that is exciting as the NEO platform has many benefits including a unique way of reaching network consensus, there has been no working ICO’s on its platform to date as it is still in its infancy. Because DeepBrain is building on top of this platform, it will open to any scaling issues that NEO is sure to have. Investors must be aware of this as DeepBrain may be able to build the AI solutions but if the NEO platform cannot handle the user growth it there may be roadmap delays.
  • Based on review of DeepBrain Chains social media presence, there seems to be a lack of awareness into what they are trying to build. Although they may be only focused on the east cost because they don’t have an up to date twitter or telegram channels it may be hard to get the community behind them. If the community is unaware of the great things they are trying to do the DBC token may not be able to appreciate or properly bring in enough users to incentivize miners to mine the DBC token
  • Evidence of a centralized token sale. Despite having 10 billion DBC tokens in existence, only .9 billion of those DBC tokens will be available for public token. With 2.5 billion going to the DeepBrain foundation, and 1 billion going to the DeepBrain chain team it looks like the DeepBrain chain token will most likely be for users who mine onto of the DeepBrain platform and to those who were able to participate in the limited Pre-Sale. Although this may interest some users, the lack of a public offering brings questions to table such as how decentralized is DeepBrain chain especially if only certain stakeholders can secure the mining equipment to mine the DBC token.

Our Verdict:

The DeepBrain Chain platform is one of the most exciting and important technology companies coming out on the NEO ecosystem in near future. When one thinks about the ways an open, low cost, flexible AI marketplace can benefit the world the possibilities are endless. DeepBrain wants to not only build an Artificial Intelligence ecosystem that can become a data trading platform for the latest AI algorithms, a platform where complete AI models can be bought and sold, but they want enterprises and the smartest minds in the world to build AI applications onto of DeepBrain in a way to connect the global economy.

With a focus on using the blockchain for privacy protection and to optimize the neural networking computing performance, DeepBrain is essentially creating an artificial intelligence factories that can facilitate high performance computing while supporting a massive number of users. To support these users DeepBrain looks toward to reward miners for helping secure the platform and rewarding miners DBC ever 1 hour once they have successful deployed a container of model algorithms capable of trading.

When it comes to the team and leadership behind DeepBrain, CEO Feng He and CTO Shu Chang have been working together for multiple years and have not only proven to highly skeptical Chinese Venture capitalist that they have what it takes to bring their vision into reality but have built the first AI intelligence skills platform in china with over 1000 different skills.

Based on review of the leadership of DeepBrain, the problem the team is looking to solve, the feasibility of its token based economy and marketplace I believe that not only is DeepBrain going to be one of the most successful ICO’s on the NEO platform but it has the potential to reshape the global economy.

A low cost, open AI marketplace for AI based applications and model sharing makes sense, and will be one of the most important developments in the years to come and I believe the DeepBrain team will be one of the major players helping to deliver that vision.

Our Score:

  • Team/Leadership – 5
  • Customer/Customer Problem – 4
  • Solution/Unique Value Proposition – 4
  • Market – 5
  • Community – 3
  • Marketing – 3
  • Roadmap – 5
  • Valuation and ICO dynamics – 5

Block Discover Rating: 

8.5 out of 10 Star Rating

White Paper: https://www.deepbrainchain.org/pc/DeepBrainChainWhitepaper.pdf

Official Website: https://www.deepbrainchain.org/pc/indexEnglish.html
Telegram: http://t.me/deepbrainchain

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